10 minute presentation from MSP Phones – 21st Sept 2018 – FAQs

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This week we have James Bulman presenting, from MSP Phones and he has taken the time to write up some FAQ responses which may be of interest following the presentation:

Update form James Bulman @ MSP Phones:

Good afternoon fellow CRX’ers

Thanks for your patience earlier. I thought the following FAQ responses might help with any unanswered queries…

  • Is it just me?
    • No! We have four on front end help desk, six exchange engineers (who no one ever gets to talk to as their first tongue is binary)  and three others (I’m one) to do specialist configuration, help me advice.
  • Where are we?
    • Gatwick Maidstone Windsor and Docklands.
  • How long have I been doing this and what sorts of experience do we have?
    • 24 years. I’m the first person to offer a publicly available hosted VoIP solution in this country( 20 years ago). We provide services to one man bands all the way through schools up to blue chips such as Security’s UK and Gunnebo UK.
  • What is your support like?
    • We expect to answer every support phone call pretty much immediately. Most requests/issues are resolved immediately or within an hour. If a handset is not fixed same-day we ship out a new one. We have had to do this less than ten times this year.
  • What’s our lead time?
    • Normally 48 hours for a “sales” meeting. Same day for quote from email or phone  enquiry or same day as appointment.
    • Installation from scratch (new bearer and broadband and number migration) seven to ten days. New number delivered to mobile devices, one hour or less.
    • Changes or additions: minutes or the same day – ask Nathalie! (Fellow CRX member)
  • What’s our biggest USP?
    • We don’t just talk a good game, we play one and that’s because we do genuinely care!


You can find out more bout MSP Phones at their website here

Check out the CRX directory  for contact details, should you want to talk to James about their services.