Where does the day in the life of a designer begin? Maybe you’ve worked with a design agency before, or maybe you’re looking to work with one soon and you’re looking to see what happens on the other side of the fence.

Either way, one of the fun things about being a company who has clients across different sectors is the variety we get to enjoy. Despite this, there are still patterns that extend across every working day. So, let’s look further into how the day of a designer takes shape.


Without inspiration there is no creativity, so looking for some is always a great way to begin the day. Whether in the newspaper, the television or on your phone, with such a saturated media culture there is no shortage of places to draw inspiration from. A good place to start is exploring the latest news and trends in the design world.

This gives us an active idea of new ways to approach our work, as well as what trends have overstayed their welcome and need to be avoided. Inspiration does not end in our sector, however, and it’s important to note that it can be found anywhere. Reading, watching, listening – you never know where inspiration might strike.


Inspiration never stops, but the next thing on the agenda is planning out the projects we’re working on. We like to maintain a nice variety to keep things interesting, but importantly we ensure urgent projects are properly prioritised. With our branding projects, we like to allocate creative development over the course of a few days.

Through this method, we hope to maximise our creative output, so we have the time to come up with truly special. It’s not just branding though – website design, videos and more are what shake things up, and keeping the variation has a nice influence over what we tackle next.

Client feedback

We’re a firm believer in involving the client in our creative process, so our work can represent their vision as accurately as possible. Having conversations and meetings with them, therefore, is an average part of our day. We always keep our communication lines open, so we’re as accessible as possible to them.

Nowadays most of our discussions happen over zoom, but we’ve had our fair share of face-to-face ones too. Collaboration is key to the design process, so it’s important to remember that the social aspect to creativity is important too.


Communication doesn’t end with the client either, of course. Working as a team means that we can actively collaborate with each other too, bouncing ideas off of one another so we can come up with something new. This process really keeps the creativity flowing, and is a great way to push each other to greater successes.

It’s not just designers either, speaking with sales and marketing can bring a fresh perspective too. This is also lets us catch smaller issues we might not have noticed at a single glance, before our work goes out to print. Communicating with our team is therefore a useful way to spurn forward creativity and maintain quality control.


Breaks are really important too, and a part of any work day. They let us catch our breath and prepare for a shift from one project to another. This is integral to keeping the creative juices flowing – taking breaks at the right time is a great boon to productivity. Coffee is often the drink of choice for a designer on their break – but if you’re not a fan of that then Haribo works just as well! Either way, making sure you stop every once in a while keeps inspiration and creativity up – even though you might want to get everything done more quickly.

It’s difficult to bring a day in the life of a designer down into a short blog, because part of the fun is how different the day can end up being. But, hopefully we’ve given you a good idea of the sorts of things we’ll get up to, and you’ve come away with a better idea of how we do our job.