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Content First Web Design

My one minute talk, given at CRX meeting on 28th November 2014 listen to ‘Content first Web design’ on audioBoom When I begin a web project, it is common for my client to want to discuss the design of the site: colours, logos, layout, etc. But, from a business perspective, the most important thing is not the design but the content: the… Continue Reading

CRX meeting 1st August 2014

Peter Burke of Cruse & Burke is looking to help anyone with tax problems or HMRC issues. He will help you to protect your position in any negotiation required with HMRC. Martin Briggs of Hands On IT provided an option to rejuvenate your PC or laptop by replacing the existing hard drive with a new solid… Continue Reading

CRX meeting 3rd January 2014

Present: Ian Marvin, Don Hooper, Peter Burke, Ian Miller, Martin Briggs, Anna Poore, John Dalton, Darija Fatovic, Simon Smallwood, Paul Hooper, Joe Macintosh A fair turn out this morning, despite the weather and the time of year. After informal networking over breakfast and each person’s one minute spot, the group discussed how we should move… Continue Reading

CRX 15th March 2013 networking breakfast

This week’s meeting was an “academy” meeting with no one or ten minute presentations. Discussions included:- The importance of content to effective websites and the impact of limited budget and variations in browser technology on small business websites. Selection criteria for trade fairs with particular reference to the merits and demerits of 100 Percent Design London vs. Tent London as… Continue Reading

CRX 8th March 2013 networking breakfast

Group member Martin Briggs from HOC is running workshops on cloud computing, please click here for details: Simon Smallwood – had recently registered as a “reader” at the British Library. He strongly recommended this for research of all kinds. Claire Scaramanga informed that she can help clients produce marketing plans. For some clients Claire acts as a… Continue Reading

CRX networking breakfast 15th February 2013

A schedule was agreed for ten minute slots over the next few months:- 22nd February – Don Hooper – independent financial advisor 1st March – Peter Burke – Cruse & Burke – accountants 8th March – Paul Hooper – Route22 – web design 15th March – Ian Marvin – AMMAlux – lighting 22nd March – Anna Poore – Redford Cairns – recruitment 29th March – Nigel Wood – Hayes-Wood Ltd – business data consultant… Continue Reading

CRX 1st February 2013

A schedule was agreed for ten minute slots over the next few months:- 8th February – Claire Scaramanga – Scaramanga Marketing Ltd 15th February – Paul Hooper – Route22 – web design 22nd February – Peter Burke – Cruse & Burke – accountants 1st March – Don Hooper – independent financial advisor 8th March – Ian Marvin – AMMAlux – lighting 15th March –… Continue Reading

CRX 21st December

A very relaxed meeting this morning in the wind down to Christmas. Martin Briggs (Hands on IT Services) – With 17 years in the business, Hands-On are very experienced and have excellent procedures in place for handling all the usual IT support requirements, including repairs, upgrades, new systems, etc. More recently however, they have been helping… Continue Reading