Below are the minutes of the CRX committee meeting held on 4th March 2016.


  • Jonathan Docksey (meeting chair)
  • Peter Burke
  • Claire Scaramanga
  • Paul Hooper
  • Ally Whitlock
  • Monica Beckles
  • Martin Briggs
  • Bruce Gilchrist

We Mean Business

It was agreed to move the stand outside. CS to check whether we can be by the front of Fairfield Halls – this has been confirmed.

WMB has confirmed that they do not want to promote anything on the photos.

CS to provide a table for outside.

JD to obtain costs for:

  • Balloons
  • Teardrop banners
  • Vinyl banners to attach to the fence
  • Magnetic logos on the vehicle

It was agreed that we will need two types of leaflets – A6 to get people to come to the stand (a ticket to get your photo) and an A5 leaflet to promote the visitor day.

JD to prepare a mock-up image of the CRX branded camper van for use in promotion.

It was agreed to put the Buttercup Bus details on the photos, as well as the details of the visitor day. Nathalie had offered to contribute a further £50 to the marketing pot, but all agreed that she has already contributed enough.

We will need a project manager to organise the event and get everything set up and the stand manned. All volunteers welcome!


PH to compete the website amendments prior to the next committee meeting on 6th May, and then ask members for feedback and any other developments that could be considered.

PH to take CS of the visitor request messages from the website and send them to MB instead (as well as to JD and PH).

Absent members

JD to talk to members who have not been attending regularly to see whether they still want to be part of the group.

It was agreed to terminate Buy Trade Phones’ membership due to long-term non-attendance and non-payment of the marketing contribution, due in January. MB to contact Andrew.

Social media

CS to send AW log on details (completed).

AW to set up a free Hootsuite account for CRX

AW to develop a plan for CRX social media, i.e. what are we trying to get out of it and how can we make it happen. WMB will be a good event to boost social media presence.

CS to share the newsletter on FB and Twitter.


MB agreed to pull together the pack for new members. CS will provide information on how to present, PB has information on how to work a room, and JD will design the pack.