Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of CRX. We are a group run by members for members. We don’t have terms and conditions and penalties for non-compliance as many other networking groups have, however, we do ask that members agree to our charter, which is based on how we work together to support each other in the development of our business.


There is no membership fee for joining CRX. There is a meeting fee, which is payable to CRX and includes tea/coffee and a light snack. This meeting fee is payable to CRX regardless of whether you choose to have breakfast, as it also covers tea, coffee, juice and use of our meeting room. 

Conflict of interest

Our rule is simple. If a member believes there is a conflict of interest with a visitor interested in joining the group, then the existing member has the right to veto the visitor from joining. If there is a conflict, the member should raise this with a committee member, who will speak to the visitor.

Marketing fund

We ask members to make an annual contribution to the marketing fund for the promotion of CRX and recruitment of new members. The contribution is payable on joining and is currently set at £80 per annum. Once you contribute, you will be entitled to add your company name, logo and profile to the CRX website and to our printed directory, which is updated on a regular basis. The marketing fund will be held in the CRX bank account and will be available for use for the benefit of CRX as determined by the committee. If you leave, or are asked to leave, before the end of the 12 month period, your contribution will not be refunded.

Attendance and membership

Members gain the maximum benefit from CRX by attending regularly. The minimum attendance is two meetings per month, but you will gain from attending as frequently as possible. If you are unable to attend for a sustained period, you must advise the chair and/or membership officer. We do not believe in insisting on substitutes if you cannot make a meeting, although a substitute is always welcomed.

The committee will review the register of attendance on a regular basis and reserves the right to end your membership and open your category to visitors if you do not maintain the minimum attendance (twice a month) over a period of three months.

You will not be entitled to any refund on your contribution to the marketing fund and your details will be removed from the CRX website and from the members’ directory when it is next printed. When you apply to join CRX, the Committee will consider your application and consult any existing members if they feel there may be a conflict.


We ask that you actively look for referral opportunities for other members, whilst remembering that the group is about quality referrals. Quantity is always welcome, but not at the expense of quality. We also ask that you promptly follow-up all referrals given to you by other members.


CRX has a managing committee, elected by a simple majority of all members annually. The committee will hold office for 12 months, starting in January. The committee member roles are: chair, deputy chair/s, treasurer, membership officer, marketing officer, social media officer and webmaster. Members who cannot attend the meeting where the election takes place may submit their vote to the committee in advance so that the outgoing chair may vote by proxy on their behalf.

The chair and treasurer will be signatories on the bank account, and other members of the committee may also be appointed signatories. A single signatory can authorise approved payments.

The committee’s role includes (but is not limited to) the consideration of membership applications; addressing issues concerning conflict of interest; developing CRX generally and deciding on the appropriate use of the marketing fund. Any member of CRX may raise issues of concern with the committee which will give such matter due consideration. The committee will keep the general membership fully and regularly informed of its decisions. Underlying the committee’s function is the fact that its role is to work for the benefit of the membership as a whole.

Recruitment of new members

We ask that all members actively promote the group to business people who would contribute to the group and to the other members. In particular, we would ask you to invite guests to our regular open visitors’ mornings and to “man” exhibition stands.

To apply

To apply for membership after visiting CRX at least twice, please use our online application form.