CRX meeting aren’t halted by lockdown

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Articles by members, CRX news, Meetings, Members blog, News | 0 comments

Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown may be keeping people indoors and making it difficult to meet together physically, but it’s certainly not getting the CRX members down. We still meet every Friday morning virtually, using Zoom. This has become so natural now, that the technology is hardly noticeable and it’s almost as though we’re all together in the same room.

Meeting together in a safe environment among friends has had the benefit of increasing everyone’s confidence for using the technology in other situations, such as with clients, prospects, or suppliers.

For some members, working online is nothing unusual, but it’s surprising how well some of our members have adapted to this change. Who’d have thought that our fitness coach or our physiotherapist could embrace online technology in such a positive way. Both have found ways to use it that will continue beyond the end of lockdown.