License to shoot (aka ‘a brief guide to photo licenses’)

By Ally Whitlock, Stonelock Photography

stonelock-kings-cross-black-and-whiteThis is a very brief overview about licenses for using photos both online and offline. As photographers we are talking about license from a photography point of view, but many of the same principles apply for any creative media whether that be video, illustration, words or music.

Photos are an important part of marketing any business or project. All too often businesses will spend time and money on defining their brand, designing their website, writing the content, optimising their SEO but then neglect their images. We all know the popular phrase “a photo speaks 1000 words”.

There are two main ways to source photos:

  • Commission a photographer
  • Buy from an image library

Which ever you choose, it is vitally important that you obtain the correct license for how you want to use the images.


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