Does your LinkedIn Profile Photo help or hinder social networking?

By Ally Whitlock, Stonelock Photography

Our survey reveals attitudes toward LinkedInTM Profile images

Last month Stonelock Photography sponsored a survey, conducted among attendees at the We Mean Business Expo in Croydon (UK). The results showed that three quarters of respondents are not following best practice social media recommendations when it comes to their LinkedIn profile image.

Professional headshot photography croydon london

Remarkably 42% had never refreshed their profile photo and 10% never bothered to upload one at all. This is despite statistics from LinkedIn that profiles with a picture are browsed 14 times more than those without one. Our own survey indicated that 1 in 4 business professionals are more likely to revisit someone’s profile when their profile photo is updated.

While the majority of business professionals are displaying a head and shoulders portrait on their LinkedIn profile with which they are completely satisfied, a further 42% are less than completely satisfied, yet have not updated their profile photo.


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