Committee meeting minutes 7th October 2016

Committee meeting minutes 7th October 2016

Date:               7th October
Venue:            Hilton Hotel, Purley Way

  • Alan Hiscox
  • Ally Whitlock
  • Monica Beckles
  • Claire Scaramanga
  • Jonathan Docksey


  • Peter Burke
  • Paul Hooper

Member categories

The committee decided that the decision that a member covering two categories will require two separate memberships, which was agreed at the last meeting, was still an appropriate decision.

Visitors’ day

The categories that we want for the memberships, particularly for the visitor’s day, were agreed as:

  • Printer
  • Chartered surveyor
  • Architect
  • Construction/building
  • Debt collection
  • Virtual PA
  • PR (but no marketing)
  • Training
  • Garage/motor trade
  • Gardening
  • Cleaning
  • Bank

AH will do the presentation at the visitor’s day and it was agreed to ask a recently joined member if they will also discuss their experience since joining.  One suggestion was Beatrice Schaer.  MB to speak with Beatrice.

JD to update the leaflet for MB to send out to all members and encourage every member to attend and to bring at least one visitor.

JD to put the flags up in the foyer at the Hilton for the visitor’s day on 21st October.

At the meeting on 14th October, AH will ask for two volunteers to meet and greet visitors.

MB to capture visitor details on the day.


It was agreed that MB will follow up members who have been infrequent attendees over recent months.


CS to contact Joby Wells, to see if he would be willing to host the Christmas dinner again with a potential date of 14th December.

Visitors and conflict

It was agreed that MB will communicate to all members that they should not tell visitors that there is a conflict when the visitors arrive at a meeting.  Instead, this should be left to the Membership Secretary to have a quiet word with that visitor at the end of the meeting.

Visitor/new member pack

CS suggested some additions to the pack.  MB to make the amends and circulate to the committee for any further comments.

JD to do design and artwork and it was agreed to print as A5, 8 pages with 50 copies.  If possible this will be done in time for the visitor’s day.

Social media

It was agreed that all members should be encouraged to share on social media.  AW to raise this with members.

10 minute presentations

It was agreed to run quarterly knowledge sessions.  Member run where possible.  Topics that would be of interest included LinkedIn, Facebook, IT Xero and HR.

We will run the first one in the third week of January, with the topic of LinkedIn to be run by Scaramanga.  The presentations will be 30 minutes long.

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