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6 questions your business should consider to determine data risk

This article explains some of the Data Protection Act legal & compliance risks that regulated sector businesses have when processing their client’s confidential data. Between 2011 and 2013 there was a 145% increase in penalty notices issued by the UK regulator [ICO]. A PricewaterhouseCoopers’ study found 60% of small businesses have had an information security… Continue Reading

License to shoot (aka ‘a brief guide to photo licenses’)

By Ally Whitlock, Stonelock Photography This is a very brief overview about licenses for using photos both online and offline. As photographers we are talking about license from a photography point of view, but many of the same principles apply for any creative media whether that be video, illustration, words or music. Photos are an important… Continue Reading

The importance of professional product photos for e-commerce

By Ally Whitlock, Stonelock Photography Are you building an e-commerce site?  You definitely need captivating photography! Think for a minute about your own shopping habits and what influences your buying decisions when you are out shopping. Who are you more likely to buy from, the smart, clean, brightly lit store with an innovative and creative… Continue Reading

The Importance of a professional headshot

By Ally Whitlock, Stonelock Photography With online presence in today’s society playing such a huge role in the successes of businesses, the photo on your company website or social media profile is often your first introduction to prospective clients, customers and business associates. When someone sees your profile photo online they will make assumptions based… Continue Reading

Buttercup Bus

Fun fact – most parents carry baby wipes for their children’s noses or messy hands… but Natalie carries “Autoglym Bird Dropping Car Wipes” in her handbag! She wants to ensure her Campervans and Beetles are tip top all the time. Services Weddings When working as a business consultant in the city, Natalie became pregnant and… Continue Reading

Content First Web Design

My one minute talk, given at CRX meeting on 28th November 2014 listen to ‘Content first Web design’ on audioBoom When I begin a web project, it is common for my client to want to discuss the design of the site: colours, logos, layout, etc. But, from a business perspective, the most important thing is not the design but the content: the… Continue Reading