• Richard Sumner (meeting chair)
  • Peter Burke
  • Claire Scaramanga
  • Paul Hooper
  • Ally Whitlock


  • Monica Beckles

CRX committee elections

It was agreed to hold the next committee election at the meeting on 26th January. All the committee will stand down, although members may re-stand for election. All who are interested in standing should speak to Richard Sumner.

You can read more about the different committee roles on this page.

Marketing fund contribution 2018

It was agreed to increase the marketing fund contribution to £80 for 2018. Peter to contact members re payment.

It was confirmed that members who have joined since the last visitors’ day (i.e. they have NOT yet been included in the printed directory) and have paid their £70 marketing fund contribution, will not be asked for further payment until January 2019.


It was agreed that the group is now of a size where all the various processes need documenting. Each committee member will document the work they do in advance of the next committee meeting in early March. The next step will be to bring these all together and look for ways we can streamline and automate member onboarding and group management.

Richard and Paul will also look at spreadsheet/online membership software that we can use to help automate and set up workflows (e.g. the membership secretary adds a new member, they get an alert to upload their logo and pay the marketing fund, the treasurer gets an alert to know to check that payment has been made, etc.)

Christmas party 2018

It was noted that attendance was lower than usual, and that a third of those who had said they could attend on the 14th subsequently dropped out.

For 2018, the date and venue will be agreed in September and a member will be asked to volunteer to project manage this.

Membership – attendance

MB to contact infrequent attendees who are not attending at least once a month, as per the membership charter.

It was also noted that member attendance at both the visitor day in October and manning the CRX stand at WMB was lower than had been hoped for.