Design agencies are often seen as simply being synonymous with creating logos and general graphic design projects. While they’re undoubtedly an important part of branding, they’re just one small part of a multifaceted industry. In fact, one of the best parts of the work we do is the variety – not just in the industries we work with, but all the different mediums we work in for them.Our job is to pull all these materials together into a unified whole – so let’s explore how the range of services offered by a design agency come together.


Especially in today’s digital world, skills in graphic design are an important baseline to any design firm. It’s easy for the layman to see a logo as the be-all and end-all of branding, and any design firm worth their salt will be happy to provide one. But, businesses who are looking to become more competitive need a greater range of materials to be branded with quality and consistency. As design firms expand to new personnel, they tend to take on a more diverse skill set so that they can fulfil these needs. This might be video editing or copywriting, and for a large enough design agency, there’s no question that they’re capable of doing it all.


Brand consistency is integral to curating the image you want for your business. Without it, it’s too easy for your brand image to become confusing and forgettable to the people you’re trying to reach. While you can shop your brand out to different firms in the hopes that they will produce quality materials for you, a full service design agency will have all those skill sets on hand. This means that they are better able to work and collaborate internally to ensure that consistency is noticeably maintained.


It’s not just the materials they produce that makes design agencies what they are, but also the strategy and creativity behind them. With distinct experience across industries and mediums, a design agency is able to pull inspiration from all over the place to make their work more successful. A diverse skill set helps to bolster this expertise, and use it to successfully produce materials that help brands to stand out in crowded marketplaces. A pretty brand is only so much without a strategy and the correct implementation.

If you need a logo designed, we can certainly create one for you – but importantly we’re ready and able to keep every single one of your touchpoints on-brand and recognisable. By focusing on just one thing, you lose out and will fall behind your competitors. A design agency is able to keep you on the cutting edge, and ensure that your brand is associated with quality and successfully aligned with your message and ethos.

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