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This registration form is only for use by applicants who have been approved by the membership and this approval has been confirmed to them in email by either the CRX chair or membership secretary.

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  • CRX only allows one member per business category. This field describes your category eg "fire & security", "care at home", "HR Consultancy", "Cost Management", "General IT Support", "Accountancy". Please be as specifific as possible.
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  • Required phone number format: (+44) ##########
  • Required phone number format: (+44) 7### ### ###
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  • Brief description (no more than 600 characters, including spaces and punctuation) for use in the full list of members on the website and the printed directory of members.
  • Upload A good quality head shot in .jpg or .png format, with minimum dimensions of approximately 1200 pixels width x 1600 pixels height and a file size of at least 200Kb.
  • Upload A good quality logo image for the member's organisation in .jpg, .png or .gif format (minimum 1024 pixels width x 996 pixels height).
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  • Please enter a name that you and our system can recognise and use as a unique reference to your user profile. This can be a combination of letters and numbers.
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  • You must agree to our terms and conditions in order to become a member of CRX
  • Marketing fund contribution

    Membership of CRX is only by approval from the members. It is a condition of membership that all members pay an annual, non-refundable, contribution to the CRX Marketing Fund. You must ensure that your application for membership has been approved before making this payment. Members are expected to attend meetings as often as possible (at least 50% of meetings). As a member, your details will be included in the online and printed members directory.
    - £80 / 1 Year
    Following approval by the membership, complete this form and make the required contribution to CRX's marketing funds in order to benefit from full membership of CRX. This includes attendance at weekly meetings and inclusion in the directory of members, which is displayed on our website and published to print twice a year.

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