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Croydon networking group CRX YouTube channel – meet the members

by | Feb 21, 2018 | CRX news, Members blog | 0 comments

One of the strengths of Croydon networking group, CRX, is the diversity in products and services offered by our growing number of members. Through the networking group, many collaborations have formed to tap into new markets, address skill or resource gaps, or to enable members to bid for a wider range of work or for larger projects.

Lewis Walker Media provides business videography services for CRX YouTube


In the spirit of collaboration, Leslie from  Lewis Walker Media came up with the idea to share his videography skills to create a series of testimonial videos. These videos would feature different members of the group, who could share their experiences from CRX. The videos would promote the Croydon Business networking group, but also the individual’s business. By all of us sharing the content across social media platforms, we would be promoting our group, members’ businesses and of course, show casing Leslie’s videography services for businesses.

The first of the series of CRX YouTube videos with group members

Nathalie from Buttercup Bus Vintage Campers stepped up to be filmed for the first video. The result can be seen on our new CRX YouTube channel. Have a look at the video here:

Thank you to Leslie for coming forwards with such a great idea, which will benefit us all.

Please share this post on your Facebook pages, and let’s spread the word, and make this another great collaboration initiative from the group!