There’s little point nowadays in having a website that isn’t easy to update. Who wants to see content that hasn’t been updated in more than six months? And how much would you trust that content to be up to date and reliable?

This requires a content management system (CMS) or similar software to drive the site, which inevitably introduces vulnerability to hackers and so ongoing care and attention will be needed.

Even with the care and expertise that I lavish on my sites, they cannot be 100% invulnerable and one of my sites was recently hacked by some cheeky rascals from China and Vietnam who managed to use the site to publicise their electric scooters and drones.

My monitoring soon spotted the illicit additions to the site. I removed them and disabled the account they had created to add the content. I also blocked the source addresses of their attack.

Within a couple of days, they were back. This time I deleted their account along with all the content they had created. The little buggers had spent their short time on the site taking ownership of all the site’s graphics, so these got deleted along with their accounts as well.

This might have been a disaster for some sights but since I backup regularly, I was able to restore the site from a backup taken a few hours earlier and nothing was lost apart from one image added as part of a new post made that same day. The site itself was disrupted for 90 minutes.

Having made a few tweaks to the security software that I include in all my sites, the hackers haven’t managed any further intrusions.

In an ideal world, all sites would be impregnable to hackers but in the real world, surely it’s best to put your site in the care of someone who knows how to add the right security and how to put things right if the worst does happen.