Many people dread having their photo taken, whether it be a bride or groom on their wedding day or a business person having their portrait taken for the company website. Sadly for many the biggest concern is how they will ‘look’ in the photos.

As photographers we can make you look great through flattering posing, correct lighting, the choice of location & helping you feel comfortable & relaxed in front of our camera. Comfortable & relaxed in front of the lens equals comfortable & relaxed photos!

One thing that can hugely affect the success of a photo that we have less control over is what you wear. Get that wrong & a well posed, correctly lit photo with a beautiful natural smile can loose it’s impact.

Dressing for success in your business headshot photo

For whatever reason you are having your photo taken, you will want to look your best. You want the images to last & stand the test of time, to look as good in a couple of years time as they do now. You don’t want the photos to date by the outfit you choose or the way you style your hair. You want your clothing to flatter, to slim & to compliment your skin tone & colouring. Clothing can make or break a photo.

It stands to reason then that the most common question we get asked before a photo shoot is ‘what should I wear?’

Here are some of our top tips for dressing for success in your photos!