Every now and then, an event occurs that captures the attention of the nation. Whether it be a yearly holiday like Christmas, or a rarer occurrence, such as the King’s coronation, eyes and ears are drawn to a specific focal point.

Events represent a key marketing opportunity and a great chance to get the word out about your products or services, with the incentive of a special or unique offer. You might even consider hosting your own event for the same ends.

Let’s explore the kinds of events you can market yourself around, and how to do it effectively.

Which events to advertise around

Some events, like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, are guaranteed to roll around every year without fail. These recognisable holidays offer you the opportunity to create a themed offer surrounding them, using related iconography and themes.

Others, such as anniversaries or once-in-a-lifetime events like the King’s coronation, aren’t as common but still capture public attention. You may find that it is easier to stand out among competitive offers in the more uncommon events, as there are more unexplored avenues to reach audiences.

Alternatively, if no event fits the focus of your business, you might consider creating your own. There’s a lot more work to put into it, but it allows you to put a stronger focus on your own business’ offerings. You can also pay attention to industry-specific days of celebration – like World Stationery Day. Many of the same tactics can be used in promotion across all these different kinds of events.

Leaving a unique mark

In order to emphasise your special event offer, you might create unique branding and markings to display throughout a campaign. This could be a special badge you paste across your materials, a temporary change in your brand’s colours, or even a tagline or hashtag. These draw attention to the offer, while emphasising its temporary nature.

You might also look to partner with other brands, whether they’re related to your sector or to the event, in order to spread word further. Depending on the size of your business, you can look to partner with social media influencers as well.

Don’t underestimate traditional marketing methods either. Leaflets and magazine advertisements are an effective way to reach a specific area or demographic. You can also consider announcing a contest to generate interest. This provides an incentive for potential customers to start engaging with your brand.

Digital Marketing

In today’s digital world, marketing online is indispensable. So – let’s investigate how it can be used to further a special offer in relation to an event.

One of the best ways to do so is with an email campaign, complete with a purpose-built landing page. As the event approaches, sending out emails helps to draw attention to your offer. You can even use the data that results to improve later emails further. A landing page ensures that your offer does not get lost once the recipient lands on your website. It also provides further data to optimise your strategy.

Social media has clear potential in marketing your offer. A unique hashtag and influencer marketing were touched on above, but using existing hashtags surrounding the event and interacting with related posts can also boost your message. It can also be used to further promote a contest.

An event is a perfect focal point to market a special offer around, and there are a wide variety of avenues to do so.

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