Claire Scaramanga asked Lily Dedman to take part in Scaramanga’s new podcast series to talk about digital accessibility.

Lily is both deaf and autistic and undertakes uasability testing for brands, including Scaramanga. Her aim is to help make websites a more inclusive user experience for those with disabilities, including hidden disabilities. 80% of all disabilities are hidden.

One of the areas that Lily cannot emphasise enough is that accessibility plugins are NOT the answer. The disability community really dislikes those accessibility plugins.

In the podcast, Lily covers what can be done to provide better accessibility for disabled users, including those who are dyslexic or neuro diverse.

In terms sensory input, Lily can find too much going on can be difficult. She describes it vivdly as:

“It feels like you’ve got bees buzzing around your head while you’re in the scorching sun on holiday on the beach when you’ve got sand in between your toes, and in your underwear. You’re deeply uncomfortable and then there’s some random old sunburned man, screaming in your face.”

If you’re interested, hop on over to the podcast – you can either listen to it, or read the full transcript. Whichever you prefer.